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Public Safety
Alexandria has always prided itself on being a safe and welcoming community, but there is more we can do to make our city safer for residents; therefore, Amy will be a mayor who works with law enforcement, first responders, and community leaders to improve public safety.

Amy's Priorities for Alexandria

As Mayor, she will:

  • Ensure a balanced community police review board

  • Address mental health awareness and initiatives

  • Combat drug addiction

  • Invest in tools to combat human trafficking and gang prevention initiatives

  • Promote efforts to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault

Amy's Record:

  • Spearheaded the ordinance in Alexandria for common sense gun laws to ensure guns are not permitted on municipal property 

  • Dedicated Moms Demand Action advocate in Alexandria and before the General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia

  • As the founding member of the Human Tracking Awareness Initiative in Alexandria, she advanced the city’s human trafficking proclamation to ensure victims are protected under the law and to provide comprehensive data collecting mechanisms

  • Planned community review board to ensure transparency in policing

Our schools have always been the pride of Alexandria, but our schools need more resources to accommodate the increase in student enrollment. That’s why we must fully fund our schools and plan for the future to give our students the best shot at success. As a product of Alexandria City Schools, a mother of two kids in Alexandria schools, and a career educator in Northern Virginia public schools, Amy knows what it takes to prepare our students for bright futures.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Support Pre-K programs

  • Raise the pay for teachers

  • Prioritize school infrastructure

  • Provide the resources to meet our children's educational needs

  • Let our teachers teach 

  • Stop overcrowding

  • Support collective bargaining

Amy's Record:

  • Serves as the Council representative for MacArthur and Patrick Henry Collaboration Committee and the MacArthur Advisory Committee for the transition of students to swing space, and ensuring progress in the demolition of old school and completion of new school infrastructure

  • Amy is a champion of the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus in Northern Virginia to increase graduate enrollment and success in STEM disciplines

  • Proud participant of the Parker-Gray School's 100th Anniversary Legacy Dedication of the Parker-Gray Memorial Walkway, created from the vision of the Alexandria African American Hall of Fame

Amy knows that we must protect our environment in Alexandria because the future of our city depends on it. We’ve committed to combat climate change at the local level in recent years, but we are still dealing with flooding and air quality. We need a plan to protect our environment, lower our carbon footprint, and ensure the health of our residents.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Prioritize our environment and the protection of natural resources, including the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay

  • Stop floods with infrastructure upgrades

  • Utilize programs in the Inflation Reduction Act to help lower our carbon footprint

  • Support green businesses and technologies

  • Electrify the city fleet

  • Upgrade stormwater management and water conservation

  • Invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Enhance our parks and trails

Traffic and Transportation
As a parent who runs her kids across town for after school activities, Amy knows how frustrating it can be to sit in traffic. During Amy’s time on the city council Alexandria has seen some improvements in mass transit, but Alexandrians still battle traffic and it’s impacting our quality of life; it’s why we need a mayor focused on smart transportation solutions.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Reduce gridlock

  • Encourage safe bike lanes

  • Increase pedestrian safety

  • Make Alexandria more walkable

  • Upgrade our traffic management center

  • Improve road infrastructure

  • Promote alternative transportation

Local Business
Amy believes that Alexandria needs to support local businesses and welcome new small businesses to the city. Our local businesses are booming, but she understands that we need to diversify our economic drivers. That’s why we need to attract entrepreneurs who will create good-paying jobs that can support a family.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Provide incentives that encourage new businesses to locate to Alexandria

  • Increase co-working options for remote workers

  • Upgrade local procurement policies

  • Streamline permitting and licensing

  • Support development and training programs

  • Grow access to capital by working with local banks

  • Establish incubators and co-working spaces that offer affordable office space

  • Create public-private partnerships

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Arts, Culture and History
Amy believes that a vibrant arts and culture scene can have on our community’s identity, economy, and quality of life. She will work to preserve Alexandria's historic assets.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Support an arts and culture fund

  • Promote public art initiatives

  • Continue to encourage creative hubs

  • Support the performing arts

  • Focus on new cultural tourism strategies

  • Promote and preserve Alexandria's local history

Our infrastructure across the city needs an upgrade. Amy understands that world-class infrastructure improvements are vital to attracting business and making life better for city residents.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Prioritize a city-wide infrastructure assessment

  • Invest in road maintenance

  • Upgrade water, sewer, and stormwater systems

  • Implement green infrastructure

  • Encourage increased community input in infrastructure planning

  • Invest in pedestrian and biking infrastructure

Working People
Amy comes from a working class family who struggled to get by living in the West End of Alexandria. She will be a mayor who puts working families first and focuses on creating good-paying jobs for local residents.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Support workforce development programs

  • Create more youth jobs programs

  • Expand access to affordable childcare

  • Enhance worker protections

  • Provide support for small businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Push for affordable housing initiatives so people who work here can live here

  • Expand collective bargaining

Amy's Record:

  • Amy expanded the rights of city employees in the historic passage of Alexandria's first Collective Bargaining ordinance (and Virginia's!) in more than 40 years

Affordable Housing
As a life-long resident of Alexandria Amy knows that middle-class families and seniors are getting priced out of the city. The lack of affordable housing is a problem that must be addressed by our next mayor. She will strike a balance between providing affordable housing and protecting the history that makes Alexandria so special.

As Mayor, she will:

  • Promote smart development

  • Increase affordable housing stock by working with developers

  • Review and enhance rent control policies

  • Add protections for renters

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